Telugu Movie "Supreme" Review Time

            Sai Dharam Tej proves"he's not a passing cloud'.Director Anil Ravipudi impressed moviegoers with Pataas. His racy screenplay and facetious one-liners helped him get noticed  and Kalyan Ram had heaved a sigh of relief then. Good that the film discharged before Puri Jagan’s Temper, otherwise his cop story would not are talked about. But is he ready to break the second flick jinx with Supreme?              
                                                            In Telugu cinema, the title need not be connected with the story. As long as it sounds positive and pompous it ought to work as a result of the hero of the film has got to reign supreme at the top. Sai Dharam Tej is young, there is an ease in him and his visual communication is assured however that isn’t enough. Supreme doesn’t take him to a next level. It just establishes that the director is capable of handling a masala film for a huge hero. We saw Tej enjoying a cab driver automatically beating the pulp out of dozens of huge bodied men UN agency lure him and chase him from all sides. When he isn’t fighting physically, his automotive ejects a weird structure that destroys a vehicle that follows his car . There ar many areas that are touched upon — love, child sentiment, father and son relationship, violence and two set of comedians to kill dissatisfaction — however they heighten the mental retardation levels. If you are a Chiranjeevi fan, you wait with patience just to visualize if the song, choreography of ‘Andam Hindolam’ has not been tampered with. Srinivas Reddy and Posani Krishna Murali have no wise role, and on the other hand Prabhas Seenu and his partner irritate viewers by oral communication “amazing... zing zing”. A child play involving the villain being maltreated on his back for a decent time shows the bankruptcy of concepts.                                        
                                             Raashi Khanna is a delight to look at though she hardly has something to try and do. Story wise, it is template stuff. Thousands of acres owned by a Trust is encroached by villain Kabir Duhan Singh. The court issues it in his favour however offers the petitioner Sai Kumar a month’s time to return with documents happiness to the heir. The heir is a kid UN agency involves stomach Tej and also the latter takes it on himself to avoid wasting the abducted kid and also the documents. Technically it is rich, but the certainty that comes in the half itself kills interest.Supreme is stifling, watch if you have nothing else to try and do.

Movie: Supreme
Cast: Sai Dharam Tej, Raashi Khanna
Direction: Anil Ravipudi
Music: Sai Kartheek
Plot: A young hero faces all odds to save a kidnapped kid.
Rating: 2.3