Tips to make a bad story good

 Did you ever thought how this writers and directors make their stories.
 Well from an idea right ,that very base idea is the seed that later on transformer into a movie. It is  pretty hard to define a pattern for developing a good story but you can for sure make some brilliant  stories by include certain points into your stories.The following are some of them

• A title – might suggest a whole story, e.g. Kill Bill
A brilliantly original character, e.g. Alan Partridge
Historical events, e.g. Brave heart
Dreams or daydreams – e.g. What if the biggest sex symbol in the world walked
    into your life and wanted you? – Notting Hill
• A “What if…” story set in the future, e.g. “What if the real world was just an
    illusion and we were really all hooked up to some giant computer that’s using us
    to make electricity.” –The Matrix
A great twist, e.g. Sixth Sense
An interesting theme, e.g. How much do you really know about who your
     parents are? - Big Fish
An unusual character – e.g. Billy Elliot
An unusual character in an unusual place – e.g. Crocodile Dundee in New
A saying - Mark Twain is supposed to have said that at the age of fourteen he
     thought his father a complete idiot – but by the age of twenty-one was amazed at
     how much his dad had learned in those seven years.
An impossible situation – e.g. Phone both
A specific place – e.g. Cold Mountain
• Take a familiar story and put it in a new setting – e.g. It’s a prison drama set
      in a Catholic reform home for immoral young women - The Magdalene Sisters
You like a particular genre – e.g. you like monster movies and try to think up a
      new monster. You can’t so what do you write? The League of Extraordinary  Gentlemen or Van           Helsing