Breaking News about Robo 2.0

Robo 2.0,  yes  robo 2.0 is the much awaiting  movie, not only in india but all around the globe. As we all know that this movie is a sequel of sci-fic movie "ENDHIRAN " (tamil) directed by S.Shankar, staring Superstar Rajini Kanth and Aishwarya rai.This movie which was released in 2010 was a tremendous  hit and wiped out all the industry records in india .This ROBO collected a huge revenue world wide too and proved the stamina of indian cinema especially South indian cinema to the world.
                         Director Shankar,famous for his unique  story telling and rich taking made this mesmerizing movie  with a very huge budget of Rs.150 cr which stood the highest budget movie ever in indian history. Later on many movies exceeded this magic figure and most recently "Bahuballi  the beginning" directered by SS Rajamouli made with a big budget of Rs.250 cr including its sequel "Bahuballi the conclusion".
                                                          How ever no one can ever beat shanker both in taking and making, rumours  are flying in south industries that Shankar is making Robo 2.0 with a eye wideing  budget of Rs.400 cr .  Really wow.. It is also said that for this movie a set worth 20 cr is builted and 20 % of  movie was shot on this set already...Cant wait to see its trailer friends...