Pawan Kalyan was dumped by S J Surya for Mahesh

fridayfristshow Pawan Kalyan was dumped by S J surya for Mahesh Babu

Yes, this is true.
Tamil director/actor S J Surya well known in tollywood for his movies like Kushi, Nani and Puli.
He had the previlage to direct two super stars in tollywood. After his massive hit of Kushi (2001) with Pawan Kalyan, he made Nani(2004) with Mahesh babu which turned out to be a flop. After six years he came back to tollywood and made Puli(2010) with Pawan kalyan which was also a flop...
                                      Then after S J never did a movie in telugu, not even dubbed his tamil movies in telugu. Now he started a movie with Pawan kalyan recently but the problem is, he stopped that movie due to Mahesh Babu- Murgadoss movie. The thing is , S J got an unrejectable offer from Murgadoss to play as a negative  lead in his movie. Even Mahesh asked S J to do that role. Since Mahesh and Murgadoss both are his best buddies, S J eventually accepted this role and post-poned PK's movie.....

RajaMouli fires on Anushika in Bahuballi sets..

With a big budget movie there comes big irritations too ,proves Rajamouli..
We all know, Buhubali 2 is the much awaited movie not only in Tollywood but also in Bollywood and Hollywood too..It's prequel " Bahubali" is a big hit in India and world wide creating a huge hype to its sequel ...This make's Rajamouli more nerves and if any thing goes odd it set, he gets irritated more quickly. A similar incident happened recently in Bahuballi sets  when Anushika after a long break  came to shoot.
                                       Rajamouli told her to reduce her weight since she gained huge weight for her last movie "Size zero", so to match the previously shot scenes and for Continuity sake. But Anushika seems not much reduced, this made  Raja mouli very angry and at once he fired on her like any thing.. "Poor Anushika felt very bad and cried there it self" says a close source form that film sets....

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