Top Bank Robbery Movies Of All Time

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We people sometimes get tired of being good. So often we try to be little adventurous, especially we enjoy being CROOKS and Robbing a bank is the one peak thing we would always want to try (just kidding). Here are some Movies you would for sure enjoy seeing those guys stealing from "The Banks"

 1. Inside Man (2006)
 2.The Town (2010)
 3.The Italian Job (2003)
 4.Now You See Me (2013)
 5.Die Hard (1988)
 6.Sword Fish (2001)
 7.The Bank Job (2008)
 8.Riders (2002)
 9.The Maiden Heist (2009)
10.Heat (1995)

These are the movies I would love to watch again and again and again ..
Hope you would love too.
Did I miss any Movie or do you think i missed any then comment below and see it added in the next list. Stay tuned...

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